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70 years of artisan experience

Among the hills of the Pesciatina citadel, in the small and enchanting medieval village of San Quirico,  we find the Valle del Sapere cooperative, a reality led by wise and expert craftsmen who, today, carry on artisan traditions linked to the beauty of the territory, the art of a unique know-how, the craftsmanship of the working traditions. 


Who we are

The Valle Del Sapere Cooperative Society was born from the union of skilled artisans, aware of having achieved, a professional experience in processing for third parties.

From this wisdom, in the Cooperative we carry out welding, stamping, plate turning (also with CNC lathe), metal finishing, bathroom furniture, specific assemblies.  And  containers for the pharmaceutical industry.



Un uomo che salda

The cooperative is a mechanical workshop specializing in metal welding. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years and the competence and specialization of its craftsmen, in the workshop yes  carry out  metal welding for companies in various sectors. 

Our services

Passion, tradition and competence

Strong of his  experience in the sector, technical and construction skills and in-depth knowledge of materials, the Valle del Sapere cooperative is able to provide you with the best solutions tailored to your needs. 

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Metal finishing

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Specific assemblies






Satin finish

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Some of our works

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Specialized in the processing of articles for third parties

in metal and much, much more .. contact us 

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