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The cooperative is a mechanical workshop specializing in metal welding.


Thanks to the experience acquired over the years and the competence and specialization of its craftsmen, in the workshop yes  carry out  metal welding for companies in various sectors.  The high quality of the work performed and the constant training of employees,  allow an excellent result.  


The processes obtained in accordance with the customer's requests are suitable for the automotive, interior design, system components  industrial.

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Turning is one of the cooperative's main processes.  Among the longest-lived precision mechanical workshops in our area, able to produce precision items, based on the customer's design, thus creating  turned components on different types of material such as eg.  steel, all types of brass, copper, bronze,  plastic materials such as eg. PVC.
With the equipment in use at the workshop, you can work  diameters of 1000 mm. and thicknesses up to 3 mm of iron, 2 mm of stainless steel, 5 mm of aluminum. Over the years in the cooperative, they have turned  different shapes, thanks to both single and modular dies for lathe: cones, spheres and hemispheres, cylinders and other shapes, of various sizes. This is how a large number of them are available today  of molds that allow the customer to contain time and costs.


Thanks  to our various machinery and more than thirty years of experience,  we are able to provide customers with additional services, such as  deburring, smoothing, satin finishing and polishing. Services that allow the removal of that part of material that appears in excess, of  rough and remove  sharp edges, burrs or residues from casting, molding or welding.

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